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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Adam Sandler Movies

1.) Happy Gilmore
So heres the deal, a bunch of people are probably gonna say that Billy madison should be number one cause its funnier, or the chick is hotter, or some other bullshit, but know what fuck you this is my post and this is by far my favorite Adam Sandler movie. For all those who doubt me just think of the all the memorable one liners and hilarious scenes in Happy Gilmore. I saw this movie for the first time when I was like six years old and I can still quote it to this day, not only that but the plot is hilarious and the role of loveable idiot fits Adam Sandler to a T. Like I could literally imagine him playing golf in a Bruins jersey and Timberland boots in real life. Not to mention Ben Stiller's character in Happy Gilmore may be one of the best performances of his career (excluding heavyweights). And to top it all of with a cameo by the king of gameshows himself Bob Barker, fucking genius.
Memorabale quotes - "The price is wrong, Bitch", "Mistah Mistah get me outta hereeee"
2.) Billy Madison snatched up the number two spot on this list because it was Adam Sandler's first real breakout movie. This movie was basically a springboard for his magically hilarious career. The plot is pure comedy from the loveable retard Billy Madison to Eric the douchebag everyone hated who later got shot by a cross dressing Steve Buscemi (googly eyes from Mr. Deeds). Plus who could forget the straight up dime piece Veronica Vaughn, I know for sure if she was my teacher I would be staying late every day for some extra credit if you know what I mean. Even Chris Farley was in this hilarious coming of age tale, come on you cant go wrong with Chris Farley, not now not never.
Memorable quotes - "T-t-t-t-t-t-today junior", "He called the shit poop", "O Doyle rules"
3.) Are you guys starting to get the picture here? Once again Adam Sandler produces more comedic genius as the loveable retard in Water Boy. People ask why his recent movies kinda suck, Ill tell you why, its cause hes trying to be take on serious roles. Fuck that shit, I could watch Adam Sandler act like a complete dumbass 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Its what he was put on Gods great earth to do and thats why Water Boy gets to be number 3. As far as im concerned Water Boy is one of the last great Adam Sandler movies. Also this gets number three because of Henry Winkler's (aka The Fonz) role as the coach, teaching us all about the medulla oblangota, and the first apperance of Rob Schneider as the "You can do it" guy.
Memorable quotes - "No you're wrong Colonel Sanders", "My Momma says", "Water sucks, Gatorade is better"
4.) Big Daddy was a bit of a different role for Adam Sandler, but he most deffinitely pulled it off. Playing less of the loveable retard and more of the cool dad, Sandler was able to make you fall in love, laugh, cry, and break your heart all in one movie. Plus the little kid in this movie was the shit, like honestly if that kid was my child for a week there is no way in fuck I'd give him up. Well that was until I learned that Julien/Frankenstein was played by those little Disney Channel bitches from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. But anyways, as usual this movie included a part for all of Sandler's buddies, and Rob Schneider straight killed it as the foreign delivery man. Last but not least you can't forget the Layla, less of a straight up freak like Veronica Vaughn, but deffinitely wifey material. Oh yea and did I mention Jon Stewart is in it too?
Memorable quotes - "Hip hop, hip hop anonymous?", "How do you like them old saggy balls?"

5.) Rounding of the list is the wedding singer. Im not gonna lie, the inspiration for this list came to me when me and my buddy may or may not have been intoxicated off 40's of OE while watching Water Boy, and the first time we made it we completely left this gem out. Adam Sandler plays a wedding singer named Robbie Hart and to this day I still dont know if hes a good or bad singer, but what I can tell you is that once again he is one funny ass motherfucker. Listen, this movie gets the number five spot because not only was it funny but it made me feel good too. Like if goofy looking egg headed Adam Sandler can be stealing bitches like Drew Barrymore, who like Adam Sandler's singing is questionably hot, from rich ass Ricky Martin looking dudes then I feel good about my chances of snagging myself a fine piece of ass. Also you can't forget about Drew Barrymore's character's cousin Holly. Bitch was a damn smoke and a freak on top of that. If I was Robbie I woulda deffinitely hit that like theres no tomorrow, but thats a another story for another day. Most importantly Adam Sandler rocked the ill jheri curl in the Wedding Singer, and for that this movie made my top 5.
Memorable quotes- "So your name would be Julia Gulia?", "You should write a song about this and call it, I got punched in the nose for sticking my face in other peoples business"

That is all
Peace, Love, and Rage

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